Please find below copies of our policies. Please discuss any issues with a member of the team or committee. Our Policies are updated annually. Our Policies were last updated  August 2023. Paper copies of our policies can be found in the ‘policies’ folder in the foyer.

Administering Medicines 2023-24

Admissions 2023-24

Allergies and food intolerance 2023-24

Anti-bullying Policy 2023-24

British values and Prevent Duty

Children missing from Education 2023-24

Childrens records and data protection 2023-24

Childrens rights and entitlements 2023-24

Client access to records 2023-24

Closed Parent Facebook Policy 2023-24

Code of Conduct

Complaints procedure for parents and careres 2023-24

Confidentiality recording and sharing information 2023-24

CSE Policy 2023-24

Dummy Policy 2023-24

Early Years Safeguarding Policy 2023/24

Employment 2023-24

E-safety 2023-24

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation 2023-24

First Aid 2023-24

First Aid 2023-24

Food Hygiene 2023-24

Food and Drink 2023-24

Hand washing policy 2023-24

Health & Safety 2023-24

Identification assessment support for children with SEND 2023-24

Induction of Employees and Volunteers 2023-24

Infection control 2023-24

Looked after children 2023-24

Intimate care and nappy changing 2023-24

Low level concerns allegations of serious harm or abuse against staff 2023-24

Maintaining Childrens Safety and Security on Premises 2023-24

Missing Child 2022-23

Oral health

Parental Involvement 2023-24

Poorly children 2023-24

Privacy Notice 2023-24

Progress check at age two 2023-24

Promoting inclusion equality and valuing diversity 2023-24

Promoting inclusion equality and valuing diversity policy II 2023-24

Promoting positive behaviour 2023-24

Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents 2023-24

Risk assessment 2023-24

Sexting 2023-24

Short trips outings and excursions 2023-24

Student placement 2023-24

The role of the key person 2023-24

Threats and abuse towards staff and volunteers 2023-24

Transfer of Records to School 2023-24

Uncollected child 2023-24

Visitors Policy 2023-24

Whistleblowing Policy 2023-24

Working in partnership with parents and other agencies 2023-24