Key Workers & Learning Journals

Your child will be assigned a key person when starting at our preschool. They will be responsibilities for your child whist they are in our care. They are here to help your child settle, feel safe and secure. The role is important for both child and parent. Communication is key to this relationship. We form strong bonds with the children at our preschool and are available for parents at all times.

Records and Assessment

In line with EYFS guidelines, your child will be observed and assessed throughout their time at Preschool.  Your child’s Key Worker, will observe and complete a “Learning Journey” whilst they are with us. This will detail information, observations and achievements of your child. The file will contain photos of them doing activities and some of the things they have made or drawn. The Learning Journey files are kept on the premises, in a lockable cabinet. Your child’s file is always available for you to look through and also add to with things from home such as pictures and photos of home activities.

Developmental information is passed on to your child’s primary school when your child leaves Preschool.  

Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding is of paramount importance in our preschool. Should any member of staff have any safeguarding concerns about a child attending our preschool we have the right to contact and consult other safeguarding partners. We will always aim to do this with parent consent unless we feel this would be detrimental to the child’s safety